Why the name 72hrs? I made a a new account just to smurf on and mess around on when I was in college. Ended up sticking.

How old are you? 25 years old

How do I get unbanned? Ask a mod if you were wrongly banned.

Did you quit Fortnite? If I'm playing another game, it just means I'm playing another game. Don't read into it too deep.

Did you quit Dead by Daylight? YES.

Can I have a 72hrs' Orange Smhock from Dead by Daylight? I don't have any codes to give out, feel free to buy one through the charity pack that I took part in on Steam.

Are you still on Team Liquid? Yes.

Sensitivity? 400 DPI. 11.98 on CoD: MW. 400 DPI .40x/y on FN.